Saturday, 2 January 2016

Today Has Been Cancelled

Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.
Published by Hay House.

Sometimes just trusting that spirit gives us what we need in troubled times can be difficult to see.  Having made so many plans and set several goals for the coming year, I am coming to realise that I use some as distractions and others to allow my self sabotage to thrive.

Procrastination is a time consuming habit, it takes huge amounts of energy to find excuses to avoid doing what needs to be done. It can be quite exhausting  (there is excuse number 1, being too tired). 

Today's cards are in answer to my question 'what do I need to know about achieving my goals for this year?'  

The cards seems to be telling me, to 'curb the enthusiasm', to stop planning to move mountains before I've dealt with clearing away cobwebs. 

Using the Fairy Tarot (Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine) the 4 of Winter and 3 of Winter tells me that I need to take some breathing space, not rush into projects and throw myself into distraction.  I need to step back and really process the events that have left me feeling emotionally battered.  

I see the 3 of Winter as having the elderly man for wisdom, the young girl for new thinking and the bear, which to me, symbolises great power, protection and nuturing.  So by stepping back allowing myself to actually feel the pain and sorrow, I know I can come through my current situation. 

So my deadlines are being moved, my goals, less grandiose and time allotted for some spiritual healing.


  1. To keep running and pretending nothing is going on is a very familiar pitfall fro me too :D
    Yay for you for taking it easy!

    1. I always wondered of people who are constantly busy, what are they running away from? It's so easy to slip into though, it's like putting a sticking plaster over a bullet wound, it's going to be pretty messy when the plaster falls off.

  2. You are SO right about procrastination...time with a negative value.
    What I learned doing FlyLady was it actually never takes as long to get something done as I thought it would. All the best in the new year little one.

    1. That is so true. It's believed if we don't do the action within 15 seconds of thinking about it, we tend to not do it at all. FlyLady was a blessing for me when I had young kids, worked full time and found myself in a rut.