Thursday, 7 January 2016

Seeds of Change

Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 

I remember the first time I blew a dandelion clock, I made the huge mistake of inhaling hard before blowing, ending up with a mouthful of fluffy seeds that choked me until my nose bled.  

Never being one to allow such an incident to hinder doing it again and again, I would pick these little bubbles of fluff whenever I spied  them, watching those tiny seeds drift out into the world seemingly lighter than air, where they would settle and flourish wherever they landed.

Drawing the 8 of Spring and The Empress today, I couldn't see how the 8 of Spring related to a traditional 8 of Wands.  Looking at these dandelion clocks, undisturbed by the fairy's movement, is reminiscent of the ones I picked that were not quite ready to dispatch their seeds. The ones where no amount of huffing and puffing would set the potential life airborne.  And this is what I feel this combination is telling me.

It's no good trying to force things to happen just yet, things need their own time to fully blossom before allowing the natural progression to take place.  Just keeping a watchful eye on seeing things reach their best chance of travelling as far possible with no intervention. Allowing them to just be as they are at the moment means I can give myself a better chance of being able to create something that stands a much better chance of growing into something better, stronger and more fruitful in the long term.

So I'm not rushing anything just yet, I'm just going to see how far my little seed gets once its ready to make its own way out in the world. 


  1. Very apt interpretation of these two cards! The art of reading cards goes far beyond memorizing the "true"meanings :D

    1. I'm a definite believer in a picture paints a thousand words, I think that's why I'm not a one deck kind of person :)

  2. You've never struck me as a Virtue deck person, but here you are, making perfect sense with it. I'm thinking Virtue decks and me are like your first dandelion didn't kill you and you learned something from it.

    1. Haha, I have never felt drawn to any of her other decks, but this is fairies and I do have a 'thing' for them. It's definitely been a learning experience.