Sunday, 3 January 2016

Time and Tide....

Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 

This deck is really surprising me with its messages and bluntness.  

The daunting task of clearing a recently departed loved ones living space, has been something I have been trying to avoid.  The finality of that last physical connection being severed seems overwhelming, although I know deep within that it is inevitable.  

Delaying the process will only make it harder, but facing the reality just re-opens the painful wound.

Drawing VIII Release (Death) and the 9 of Spring seems to point out that delaying the process is only storing up trouble for the future.  Going through the action of removing his last physical trace is going to happen, whether I participate or not.  

It needs to happen and may bring some closure and with that the grief process can move through its stages.  The longer I hold out, the harder it will get and thus my ability to deal with new challenges could be compromised.

So I have cleared my schedule of other distractions and set a time tomorrow afternoon, when help will be on hand.  I shall roll up my sleeves and concentrate on the task at hand. I've no doubt it will be a tearful time, I know I'll stall over disposing of certain items, hoping for some solid reminder of the life that is no more.  

But this is release, it is letting go and it is leaving a chapter of my life on a now read page. It's the start of, not so much something new, but of life being different, accepting it is now so and being unable to change that means surrendering to the flow, but without flow their is no ebb, it's all part of the cycle. 

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