Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Holding Destiny in My Hands.

Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards, Schiffer Publishing.

I suspect everyone is like me when they get a new card deck, impatient to start using it, and also a little bit concerned that they may not bond with it as easily as other decks in their collection.

When I heard about Chronicles of Destiny I anticipated it's release.  Not because I was so eager to get my hands on it, however, I found them intriguing.  Nevertheless I wanted to see some reviews and get others opinions about it before taking the financial gamble.

I am not a predictive reader, so, the 'Fortune Cards' subtitle put me off them a bit.  I prefer to use my cards for self discovery, guidance and advice.  Prediction is not my 'thing'.  I can work on probabilities but never straight forward predictions (and don't get me started on 'how does he/she feel about me'. Grrrrrrrrr! )

There was also the point that these cards don't read like your usual oracle decks.  There is a specific method in reading them, and like Lenormand, certain cards hold a specific meaning.  That detail, in itself, intrigued me as I'm not a Lenormand girl, but the concept captured my attention.

So after watching reveals, reading reviews and following threads over on Aeclectic Tarot I decided that I had to have them.  Justifying my decision by telling myself that artwork alone is stunning.

However this is a deck that until you have it in your hands, you cannot understand how special it feels.  The cards are, as I said, beautiful, the guidebook is a gem and the box is rather luxurious too, but it's the content and accuracy of the readings that make this deck so amazing.

Once I had received my deck, I started by doing the basic 2 card daily draw.  The accuracy from these readings was astonishing.  Whether I used them in the morning or late evening, each reading rang true.

Feeling a bit in awe, I decided to offer some free readings purely for feedback. Worried, if I would mess up and dubious about any predictive messages, I read for 10 sitters.  I surprised myself, 9 of the sitters told me the reading was acurate, detailed and insightful.  The other one person may have to wait and see how their situation pans out.  I was able to perform the readings in my usual style, with advice and guidance and leaving the sitter with choices to consider.

I am so enthralled with this deck, I can't seem to pull myself away from it.  From daily draws right down to in-depth readings, each turns up so much information. Every card has so much to offer, and each time I see something different in each one.

It's definitely a deck that I'll keep close to hand