Monday, 23 February 2015

Related To Royalty.

Queen of Swords, Tarot Illuminati by Erik.C.Dunne.
In the tarot world I always tell people my mother is the Queen of Swords, this is followed by the other person doing a sharp intake of breath and then usually a half laughing, half sympathetic, 'Oh dear'.

I love the depiction of the Queen in the Illuminati deck, as far as Queens go, the image of Elizabeth I is pretty accurate for me.

Trust me,this lady has balls.  She takes no prisoners when speaking.  She holds peoples' attention, not through her endearing qualities, but due to the fact that goodness help you if you interrupt her, or even worse, disagree with her.  Believe me, that tongue can be as cutting as the sword she proudly displays.

This lady does not speak in terms of how thing will feel, that is not a productive line of thinking for her.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't actually believe our lovely Queen Elizabeth I was the 'virgin queen' that history tells us.  I feel she was probably sidetracked by a dalliance or two, but this lady was the first female monarch in England, her father was a pretty tough act to follow.  This also in part to his many spouses, and his demise to syphilis was probably enough to put the poor woman off letting her heart rule her head (and other parts).

To hold her power this lady decided to go it alone.  She needed to be forthright and brave to defend her decisions for her country.  She was intelligent, and not afraid to let it be known that she would not be challenged in her decisions. At times she was emotionally cold, caring not for the begging and pleading of 'traitors' to spare them the chop.

This, my dear people is my mother to a 'tee'.  

My mother is great in a crisis, as long as you don't expect tea and sympathy.  Practical help and advice, that is her realm.  She can find a solution to most problems, and if not, she will find someone who can find the solution.

Ask for advice and she will freely give it, but take heed, if you go against that advice, it's 'Off with your head!'  You get both barrels and then the martyr act.  She can be good at the manipulation game.  Because where feelings are concerned, hers are the only ones that matter.  

She gives the impression that emotions are silly, unimportant, yours, that is!  Be aware that this lady is going to haul you kicking and screaming into a guilt trip alley, where she will proceed to rip you to shreds with that tongue of hers, if you dare to question her thinking.  Her favourite phrase in these situations is 'Well, I don't know why you bothered asking me, I wouldn't have wasted my time if I'd known you weren't going to take any notice (of the advice)'.

She can cut you down with a comment, and if that leaves you feeling upset or hurt, she will ask why you are upset, as she believes speaking the truth is always better than sparing someone's feelings.  Sometimes though its is not what someone needs, sometimes we need soothing, we desire understanding and we crave compassion.  

However, the Queen of Swords isn't all bad. When this woman is on your side, you have a strong ally.  Excellent with practical advice and tactical ideas, she will champion you whatever your cause. 

When there is a tough challenge ahead, this lady will stand up for you and fight for you.  She is not afraid to speak up for you, she is a defender just as much as she can be an attacker.  

She can cut through the Bulls**t of a situation when it becomes emotive.  She will seek both sides of the issue and deal with it in terms of facts.  She can cut away the murky undergrowth of a problem to show you a clear way of resolving it.  She can be the calm voice of reason when things look like they are careering into a the abyss of emotion. 

The Queen can be fiercely independent, she does not need a protector as she has her wits and intelligence to do that for her, and she will let you know, in no uncertain terms, when you cross the line with her. 

So, that pretty much sums up my mother, the woman who is my biggest ally and my worst enemy.  I do not doubt she loves me, although she rarely tells me and shows me even less.  She is my hardest critic, yet my best P.A.

She frustrates me with her black and white world.  She angers me with her off the cuff remarks.  She counsels me when the s**t hits the fan. She tells me what I need to know and sometimes, yes,it hurts, but once I've had time to let it sink in, I know that she is usually right.

So my Queen of Swords is a complex lady, but I wouldn't have survived without her.


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Feed Me, Feedback

I love reading the cards for others.  I always feel its a special thing when someone allows you to delve around in their personal world, and that they trust you enough to do that. Knowing there is no hidden agenda from me as a reader means they can be open and honest, and I am grateful for being given that trust. 

If it wasn't for the trust these lovely people put in me I would feel my purpose was lost.  I love to help people, in what ever way I can.

It is also nice when these people appreciate what I do and it gladdens my heart when they come back to me with messages like these 

Your amazing man, everything has been so spot on. Your talent I am in awe of.

On the money !!!  You're really good!

This is not " a little right" it is precisely accurate!!!

Bravo my friend you're really good

Wow, that is very accurate indeed..

OMG!!!!  Pisces Moon, you hit the nail on the head with everything you've said!

I felt as though you were reading my thoughts, fears and desires!

 That's awesome!  Everything's correct!

Thank you very much for the reading and for such a quick response

This is just a sample of my feedback from happy people.  

And this is what makes my grateful heart sing.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Too Much Is Never Enough

It's only natural that a querant may come back with further questions about a reading.  Maybe they want further information on an issue that came up, maybe its because something didn't make sense to them.  

That I can deal with,  however a very small number of querants will get a reading, that doesn't give them the answer they wanted to hear  Notice I say 'wanted' to hear.  People can play certain scenarios over and over in their heads, some to the point that it almost becomes a reality to them.

These are the ones that always come back with 'just one more question'.
They can be demanding in both time and energy, yet they persist on keeping going until they get what they want to hear or tell you, that you are rubbish or the reading was 'completely wrong'.

I love tarot and I love that people have faith in the guidance and advice that tarot can give.  I am grateful to the people who put their faith in me as a reader, the ones who can accept the sometimes bitter pill that fate is handing them.  These are the people that take the advice and act on it as best they can and accepting accountability of any part they may have played in their current situation.  

It’s the people who feel you have an obligation as a reader to make things happen the way they want them to happen.

Then we have the ones who keep asking for more and more details, they want to know every possible outcome on every possible part of a situation.  These are the ones I think of as the people who can't make a decision on which pair of socks to wear without turning it in to a drama.  They will request reading after reading from several  readers on the same subject, eventually the readers end up with confusing readings and energetically drained and frustrated.

My belief is tarot is just another tool added to the long history of divination.  The majority of tarot readers have spent many long hours studying every nuance of the cards, they offer to share this knowledge whether for payment or freely but either way there has been a lot of time invested.  The readers I know usually under estimate their level of knowledge and are honest people who want to help others.   To be successful a tarot reader has to build a solid reputation and this only happens when clients resonate with their readings.

 So the thing that gets to me, more than anything, is after spending time and energy and being very generous with both, the querant then makes comments later to say they don't believe  tarot can give us answers, that tarot goes against the bible (I hold no feelings towards the bible so this isn't an issue for me) or that tarot is unreliable and that to me is the biggest insult of all.  After all if this is how they feel about tarot, why have they asked for a reading, and then become obsessed with finding answers for every situation that comes up.

Ugh! Anyway rant over, I think I just needed to get that off my chest.  

Monday, 9 February 2015

At (Arms) Crossed Purpose

4 of Pentacles Reversed, Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Sometimes we are in a situation where we, or someone we know appears closed off, physically or emotionally.  Body language experts often tell us that folding our arms across ourselves is a give away that someone it doing this.

In the 4 of Pentacles it is pretty evident that the figure is doing the arms crossed 'closed off' signal, while holding one of his pentacles close to him.  One of the popular keywords for this card reversed is 'greed'.  However as the suit of Pentacles is about everything 'physical', so it also covers our physical self.

Greed, obviously is about protecting what you have, not willing to share it, but when it comes to ourselves it may be a case of self preservation.

Sometimes a little bit of retreating to re-assess a situation, without other people affecting our thoughts with their advice and opinions needs to be done.  

We become closed off to others when we feel we need to protect our selves from unwelcome attention, criticism even physical attack.  So is the 4 of Pentacles reversed seen as a negative position to be in?

Being someone who is lucky enough not to be one of those people who absorb others negative energies, I have noticed recently that I am feeling some negativity in me.  

I am able to attune myself with peoples' energy, however, partly due to my previous career I feel I learned how to protect myself from carrying their energy with me and rarely after a reading do I feel I have someone else's emotional baggage with me.

So my recent negativity is being triggered by something.  There seems to be certain people that are setting off that negativity and I need to examine why.  It is definitely a projection as these people have done nor said anything outwardly negative.  I just get a bad vibe from their interactions. 

Given that I dislike how I am feeling, I have decided to withdraw myself from the area these people are so as not to cause an issue with them.  In reality these people have done nothing to me personally, yet I just feel the negativity rise in me the moment their presence is apparent.

I am closing off, I am protecting myself, and will impose a level of isolation from the places i frequent, for the present.  This is not a bad or selfish thing, it is to give me time to look at the issue and work out just what is being brought up from my unconscious that I don't really want to look at about myself.

From there I can work on the problem, from there I can turn that card around, and from there I can hopefully move on to a better frame of mind.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Down Time.

No tarot today as it looks like I shall be having a busy day tomorrow doing readings so I am taking today off in preparation. 

However I thought I'd just let you all know how much I appreciate you coming over to my little bit of cyber weirdness and reading my rambles and for comments on them.

Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Riding Bareback Through The 6 of Wands

6 of Wands, Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

In some respects I can see this card as the song 'What have you done today to make you feel proud?' by M People.

Generally viewed as a positive card of victory, triumph and success, the 6 of Wands looks like a pretty good place to be.

There he sits triumphant on his horse, people around are cheering and celebrating the victory.  Just what has the rider done to deserve the acclaim he receives? 
Maybe its something that will serve others, like the union rep fighting for a pay rise for his members  and winning,  or something less society based, and more personal, like the family member that has successfully organised a surprise get together for loved ones.

Whatever the card means personally to the querant, it is a sign that they can feel they have done something  to make them hold their head up high and enjoy the congratulatory cheers.  However the 6 of Wands is usually a short lived triumph as it gives way to the 7 which can (in brief) mean challenge, defending your position or fighting off the competition. 

For now however it is all about success and being able to enjoy that success for just as long as the party lasts, because admittedly the figure in the card is sitting proud on is horse but saddle soreness will eventually kick in.  Remember that 'pride comes before a fall'.

Every card has a good and bad side though and I feel the 6 of Wands is ripe for this exploration (actually it just happened to be my daily draw for today).

Sometimes  when I see this card I feel like saying it's time to get off your high horse.  It may be that the querant or someone in the querant's life is going along blowing their own trumpet, it could symbolise that uncle who has been in the same job for 27 years with no prospect of promotion but tells anyone who will  listen just how the company would collapse if it wasn't for him.
It could be that they are over embellishing their success, bragging and boastful in an attention seeking manner or  they are taking credit where they shouldn't be.

We are allowed to be proud of our achievements, we are allowed a certain amount of praise for our achievements, that is natural.  It becomes a problem when constant ego stroking is needed to validate us.  It hides the deep insecurities and low self esteem which can in turn develop into grandiose behaviour and exaggerated claims.

Another aspect of the card, to me, speaks of someone spouting the moral high ground.  'Look at me, I am such a darned good person, everybody needs to listen to me and my ideals because I am right'.
We all know someone like this, whether in real life or through the media.  

I know someone exactly like this, they feel the need to voice their opinion  (and frequent disapproval) of others life choices so everybody can tell this person how wonderful she is, so wise and knowledgeable and yet, when it comes to her life choices, she doesn't practice what she so loudly preaches, then wonders why the admiring crowd have dispersed and she is left to stable her own horse.

So when you see this card come up, try and see how the rider is sitting in that saddle and just which way the horse is heading

Monday, 2 February 2015

You Have a Name, Not A Label

Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland

Within all of our relationships with the people in our lives, there tends to be one that we get lost in.  This isn't helped by the opinions from others who tell us. 'your romantic relationships should come first, your children should come first, we need to have a large circle of trusted friends, we need to do large family gatherings regularly.  
I'm not advocating neglecting any of these relationships, but just which relationship should be your priority?

I believe it is the relationship we have with ourselves.  I am leaving babies and very young children out of this equation as they obviously need our constant nurturing and attention, however even a new mum needs time to have a soak in the bath (alone) after a full day of nappies, bottles, sick and snot. 

If we give ourselves over to our relationships we become lost in who we really are.  We are too busy anticipating and delivering the needs of the other person, that recognising our own needs gets neglected. 

I am no control freak, yet my kids, when younger, had a strong routine, a regular bed time and a quiet time at some point through the day.  This was a way for me to touch base with myself, to nurture me.  

Romantic relationships were quite tricky, I am fiercely independent and like to be in charge of my life, so boundaries were set and often broken (I seemed to attract needy, insecure men) and this is where my love life fell down.

I am often shocked when I hear or see women who have become someone's mummy or partner.  We all have an individual identity and yet so many people are happy to lose that identity.  Sometimes it may be that who we really are does not seem significant, yet we are all here for a purpose, and that purpose is to learn about ourselves.  

So if you are feeling like you are an extension of someone else, take some time to look at what you would truly like to do-just you, what dreams do you have, what sparks your imagination?

Seek some clarity within you, find out who you are, what makes you tick.

Think of the relationships that hold you back from doing that and ask why?  Who is holding you back?  You will be surprised at the answer. 

Make your needs and wants heard.  Set your boundaries firmly in place and do something for you.  You might be surprised at the positive change in your relationships that it brings.