Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Magical Tranformation

Titania's Love and Success Spell Cards

Ah, the forgotten treasures that can be uncovered when having a total de-clutter. As I forge ahead on my boxing and bagging spree from my daughter's old room, I have come across so many, long forgotten, items.  

When I first moved here, she, K, had already been away at university for a year.  Her room was only truly a base between semesters, so had been a bit of a storage space for many things (my other daughter, E, being the guilty party).

Hidden among the treasures was an item from E's long ago 'teen witch' phase,  something that I now recollect buying as a present for her.  The box is slightly marked (probably black eyeliner) but it's contents totally intact.  Titania's Spell Cards for Love and Success are a delightful little set of 64 cards each with a simple spell intended for a specific outcome.  But that is not what drew me to them.

On the other side of each card is a delightful image, very simplistic and all different.  You know what I'm thinking, right?

This would make a great little oracle deck, a totally personal deck, one that could be 'just for fun' or something more specific, some specific theme, but great for just reading intuitively.

Looking through the images it does seem to be more capable of being a general themed little deck as there are images that involve plants, animals, earth elements and even general items like the umbrella and handbag.

So my downtime creative project this next few weeks is getting to know these cards and seeing just how they work (and searching for the other deck that I remember purchasing for E). Totally transforming their original purpose to one that is  more useful to me,  oh and telling E to take her badly hidden clutter over to her house instead of cluttering up mine. 


  1. How interesting. There must have been a reason for all different backs. What does the book say? Would these things been meant to be symbolically gathered for the spell? I sure don't get anything from the front images shown. Treasure hunting can be fun~

  2. The fun part is, there is no book :)
    The spells are written on the back of the cards, which I may cover. The images vary, some are items required, like bay leaves, sewing pins and salt, others are symbolic of the spell's intention.
    I love the shoelaces (tying up loose ends), the snail (take it slow) and the pointing finger reminds me of Monopoly's Pass Go, meaning now is the time to do it except you don't collect the £200.
    I probably won't use all 64 cards but I'm definitely going to play around with them to see which ones could work........and there's the distraction from knuckling down to reality, haha.