Thursday, 27 November 2014

Love Is All Around Us

VI The Lovers, Tarot of the Hidden Realm

When The Lovers card appears in a spread, most clients assume that this is a sign that the true love they seek is going to happen.  In some readings it can mean exactly that, however sometimes it is not even close.

Originally this card was called 'Love' and somehow over time evolved into The Lovers and its meaning became fuzzy.

The Lovers is about developing bonds, close, personal, deep bonds.  It can be a connection between two friends that on a mental level, seem to think the same thoughts, have the same beliefs, see things from the same perspective.  Almost like 2 halves of the same thing. 

It is about those people in our lives who bring a connection that makes them special to us. It is about love, but may symbolise the love we have for our partner, parent, sibling, child or friends. They are the people who enrich our lives just by being a part of it.   

There can be an element of physical attraction, even sexual desire, within the context of who the card is portraying.  But the card alone is not always read as that passionate romance that will sweep us off our feet.

The card is also to do with choices, moral and ethical dilemmas that call on us to decide what we must do, from our our best choice.  It is the difference between right and wrong, it symbolises our beliefs, our truth and our morals.

So if it shows up in a reading for you, don't think that it is necessarily time to book the minister and telling your mother to buy a new hat, you may be very disappointed. 

Love is in our lives in many different guises, if you accept that you are never going to be poor.  

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