Sunday, 16 November 2014

0 The Fool

I feel like The Fool in tarot.

I am stepping out into a new adventure and have  no idea where this is taking me.
I'm more likely to ramble on and just stumble on my way and learn as I go.  I have no expectations, as I know little of this cyber world, so I have no fear of stepping out, making mistakes and finding what this world has in store.

I'm relatively new to tarot but I am absolutely hooked, I am studying at my own pace, in my own way and it seems as though everything is falling into place.  Never having been one for rigid learning methods and best left to my own devices, I'll ask for help when I need it.

I appreciate input and happily consider other peoples opinions.  I may not always get to the point someone is making in the same way that they formed their opinion.  I think 'off in tangents', I play with ideas, toy with them, even role play them in my mind to see how they sit with me and then I can see the other persons point.

Maybe that is why oracle cards and tarot appeal so much.  Its input gives me different perspectives to work with and absorbing the messages given by the cards is like a gym session for my mind.

I love the idea of a visual aid to get the mind working, I can ponder over the message of a card for hours, even days.  If this sounds like a 'nothing better to do' statement, it isn't.  I go about my daily business and see where the message fits in to each situation, Come a certain time of night I will switch off that thinking, turn my attention elsewhere, paint, draw, craft and create. I let my brain choose its free time like a child at playtime at school.  I let it burn off the excess energy in whichever way I feel works best.

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