Monday, 23 February 2015

Related To Royalty.

Queen of Swords, Tarot Illuminati by Erik.C.Dunne.
In the tarot world I always tell people my mother is the Queen of Swords, this is followed by the other person doing a sharp intake of breath and then usually a half laughing, half sympathetic, 'Oh dear'.

I love the depiction of the Queen in the Illuminati deck, as far as Queens go, the image of Elizabeth I is pretty accurate for me.

Trust me,this lady has balls.  She takes no prisoners when speaking.  She holds peoples' attention, not through her endearing qualities, but due to the fact that goodness help you if you interrupt her, or even worse, disagree with her.  Believe me, that tongue can be as cutting as the sword she proudly displays.

This lady does not speak in terms of how thing will feel, that is not a productive line of thinking for her.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't actually believe our lovely Queen Elizabeth I was the 'virgin queen' that history tells us.  I feel she was probably sidetracked by a dalliance or two, but this lady was the first female monarch in England, her father was a pretty tough act to follow.  This also in part to his many spouses, and his demise to syphilis was probably enough to put the poor woman off letting her heart rule her head (and other parts).

To hold her power this lady decided to go it alone.  She needed to be forthright and brave to defend her decisions for her country.  She was intelligent, and not afraid to let it be known that she would not be challenged in her decisions. At times she was emotionally cold, caring not for the begging and pleading of 'traitors' to spare them the chop.

This, my dear people is my mother to a 'tee'.  

My mother is great in a crisis, as long as you don't expect tea and sympathy.  Practical help and advice, that is her realm.  She can find a solution to most problems, and if not, she will find someone who can find the solution.

Ask for advice and she will freely give it, but take heed, if you go against that advice, it's 'Off with your head!'  You get both barrels and then the martyr act.  She can be good at the manipulation game.  Because where feelings are concerned, hers are the only ones that matter.  

She gives the impression that emotions are silly, unimportant, yours, that is!  Be aware that this lady is going to haul you kicking and screaming into a guilt trip alley, where she will proceed to rip you to shreds with that tongue of hers, if you dare to question her thinking.  Her favourite phrase in these situations is 'Well, I don't know why you bothered asking me, I wouldn't have wasted my time if I'd known you weren't going to take any notice (of the advice)'.

She can cut you down with a comment, and if that leaves you feeling upset or hurt, she will ask why you are upset, as she believes speaking the truth is always better than sparing someone's feelings.  Sometimes though its is not what someone needs, sometimes we need soothing, we desire understanding and we crave compassion.  

However, the Queen of Swords isn't all bad. When this woman is on your side, you have a strong ally.  Excellent with practical advice and tactical ideas, she will champion you whatever your cause. 

When there is a tough challenge ahead, this lady will stand up for you and fight for you.  She is not afraid to speak up for you, she is a defender just as much as she can be an attacker.  

She can cut through the Bulls**t of a situation when it becomes emotive.  She will seek both sides of the issue and deal with it in terms of facts.  She can cut away the murky undergrowth of a problem to show you a clear way of resolving it.  She can be the calm voice of reason when things look like they are careering into a the abyss of emotion. 

The Queen can be fiercely independent, she does not need a protector as she has her wits and intelligence to do that for her, and she will let you know, in no uncertain terms, when you cross the line with her. 

So, that pretty much sums up my mother, the woman who is my biggest ally and my worst enemy.  I do not doubt she loves me, although she rarely tells me and shows me even less.  She is my hardest critic, yet my best P.A.

She frustrates me with her black and white world.  She angers me with her off the cuff remarks.  She counsels me when the s**t hits the fan. She tells me what I need to know and sometimes, yes,it hurts, but once I've had time to let it sink in, I know that she is usually right.

So my Queen of Swords is a complex lady, but I wouldn't have survived without her.


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