Sunday, 15 February 2015

Too Much Is Never Enough

It's only natural that a querant may come back with further questions about a reading.  Maybe they want further information on an issue that came up, maybe its because something didn't make sense to them.  

That I can deal with,  however a very small number of querants will get a reading, that doesn't give them the answer they wanted to hear  Notice I say 'wanted' to hear.  People can play certain scenarios over and over in their heads, some to the point that it almost becomes a reality to them.

These are the ones that always come back with 'just one more question'.
They can be demanding in both time and energy, yet they persist on keeping going until they get what they want to hear or tell you, that you are rubbish or the reading was 'completely wrong'.

I love tarot and I love that people have faith in the guidance and advice that tarot can give.  I am grateful to the people who put their faith in me as a reader, the ones who can accept the sometimes bitter pill that fate is handing them.  These are the people that take the advice and act on it as best they can and accepting accountability of any part they may have played in their current situation.  

It’s the people who feel you have an obligation as a reader to make things happen the way they want them to happen.

Then we have the ones who keep asking for more and more details, they want to know every possible outcome on every possible part of a situation.  These are the ones I think of as the people who can't make a decision on which pair of socks to wear without turning it in to a drama.  They will request reading after reading from several  readers on the same subject, eventually the readers end up with confusing readings and energetically drained and frustrated.

My belief is tarot is just another tool added to the long history of divination.  The majority of tarot readers have spent many long hours studying every nuance of the cards, they offer to share this knowledge whether for payment or freely but either way there has been a lot of time invested.  The readers I know usually under estimate their level of knowledge and are honest people who want to help others.   To be successful a tarot reader has to build a solid reputation and this only happens when clients resonate with their readings.

 So the thing that gets to me, more than anything, is after spending time and energy and being very generous with both, the querant then makes comments later to say they don't believe  tarot can give us answers, that tarot goes against the bible (I hold no feelings towards the bible so this isn't an issue for me) or that tarot is unreliable and that to me is the biggest insult of all.  After all if this is how they feel about tarot, why have they asked for a reading, and then become obsessed with finding answers for every situation that comes up.

Ugh! Anyway rant over, I think I just needed to get that off my chest.  

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