Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Feed Me, Feedback

I love reading the cards for others.  I always feel its a special thing when someone allows you to delve around in their personal world, and that they trust you enough to do that. Knowing there is no hidden agenda from me as a reader means they can be open and honest, and I am grateful for being given that trust. 

If it wasn't for the trust these lovely people put in me I would feel my purpose was lost.  I love to help people, in what ever way I can.

It is also nice when these people appreciate what I do and it gladdens my heart when they come back to me with messages like these 

Your amazing man, everything has been so spot on. Your talent I am in awe of.

On the money !!!  You're really good!

This is not " a little right" it is precisely accurate!!!

Bravo my friend you're really good

Wow, that is very accurate indeed..

OMG!!!!  Pisces Moon, you hit the nail on the head with everything you've said!

I felt as though you were reading my thoughts, fears and desires!

 That's awesome!  Everything's correct!

Thank you very much for the reading and for such a quick response

This is just a sample of my feedback from happy people.  

And this is what makes my grateful heart sing.

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