Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Snuggling Down on a Bed of Nails

Legacy of the Divine tarot by Ciro Marchetti

I apologise for the hiatus, I have been taking a bit of a rest.  

Recharging the energy can sometimes be a necessity, and over the past week I have been feeling a tad drained.  It as been a readings heavy week and it isn't easing up.   My online store is temporarily closed as I have not had time to update it. 

All the energy spent needs to be restored, and so I have taken a few days away to give my brain a rest.  It can be mentally draining when you spend a lot of time staring at cards and working through their messages, don't get me wrong, I love tarot and being in the position now to be able to call it my job, I am happier than ever.  Like any job though it can be draining on the mental energy levels

No matter how detailed you make a reading some querants decide that they need 'more' information than what the reading is giving them.  Usually it is a point  you pick up on that is not what the querant was expecting to hear that they start to ask more about  so any compassionate reader will seek the clarification they require, but this takes its toll on the mental faculties and low energy levels do not help a reader work to their best ability.

So when I drew the 4 of Swords on Saturday morning as my daily draw, I knew that I had to take notice.  I needed a time of rest and re-energising, to spend time sleeping on those thoughts that that niggle about every day in the mind.  It can even seem as though the Legacy of the Divine depiction is telling us to get on top of those thoughts and then, you can rest.

No matter what you do in your life, everyone has thoughts that are flitting through their heads like annoying wasps, be it about shopping, laundry, kids, partners, everyday things on that never ending to-do list, those thoughts that drain you , as they are ever present.  The 4 of Swords can tell us that unless we get on top of these we are not going re-coop that energy.  

Time out can help us prepare for the next round of whatever life has to offer us.  Whether it is about rest and regrouping with ourselves, or preparing for something we all need downtime, we need to shut down our inner computer and allow it to update and configure otherwise, just like my laptop has just done, it can crash and lose all that work you have just done, leaving you with a feeling of wanting to bang your head on a hard surface.    

And this is exactly why I took some days out from the blog, tumblr, and some of the forums (well I wasn't going cold turkey).  Honestly? I feel back up to speed, and ready to go again.  

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