Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy 2015

Tarot of the Hidden Realm

As 2015 takes its first tentative steps I am sat wondering what this new year holds in store.  Never being one to make resolutions I have decided this year though, to make some goals to work towards.  They are nothing major but they will have an impact in the long term.

Like the 3 of Cups tho' I am raising a glass to toast the support and love of those I hold dear and I welcome anybody to join me in what now lies ahead.  By having those close to me supporting me in my journey I feel I am able to keep moving forward. 

As in the card, I am celebrating that love, I am also raising my glass to new creativity, having laid my plans down and made the conscious decision to go with them I am happy in the direction I am taking my plans.  

I want to continue to build on the foundations I have laid, the connections I have woven over the past 12 months and really start to develop my plans.  I want to become more active in the communities in which I circulate, both physical and cyber-world.  I feel as though 2015 is the year of making my small presence on this planet known. 

I am full of enthusiasm for the coming 12 months and I want that enthusiasm to grow and continue, I want it to be infectious.

I believe we all have dreams, we all have a desire in us that can drive us forward, but so many people give up on them as they feel their dreams are unrealistic, that is why I am making small changes, bit by bit, I am going forward with what my dream is.  I support and admire anybody who as the vision and drive to make positive changes.  I love being able to see people achieve their heartfelt desire, especially when those first nervous steps start to develop into a confident stride.

I have made many fresh starts in my life, however I feel I am now in a place where I no longer want a fresh start, I want roots, I want to be in this place and grow and strengthen what I currently have.     

By celebrating the small successes with my close circle, it makes it easier to be able to accept the not so successful times, Because these people understand me and my dreams they know how to alter my perspective and give me input that may allow me to change a negative and make it work for me in another may.

So for my friends, the people that just 'get me' whether online or physical, I raise my glass to you and wish you all a fabulous 2015, may your dreams be realised and your journey take you down exciting new paths.

Happy New Year. XX    

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