Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hard Days Knight

Tarot of the Hidden Real by Barbara Moore and Julia Jeffrey.

On my new year agenda is an in depth study of the Tarot of the Hidden Realm, and as a way of getting to know the energies of the cards I am committing myself to take time with each card individually and in small groups.

The first card I have been working with is the Knight of Pentacles, unlike the usual RWS style of representation, there is no horse, no armour, and no glaring sign that this fey man is actually a knight at all.  The only similarity to the RWS style of Knights is that this man is static.  As the Knight of the Earth element, he is grounded and steady as a rock.

Here is a dependable person, loyal to his cause, however there is no need to rush in and search for a quest, he has waited patiently to be called to service.

He has been happily dealing with the mundane things that need to be taken care of, instead of blindly galloping off looking for a cause to throw himself into.  He knows and fully understands  the 6 'P's' principle, Proper Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance.

This man is never going to sweep you off your feet, make grand gestures or demand to be centre of attention, however what this man will give you is 100% of his efforts. 

He's a man who likes to be able to practice and perfect, he will look for the signs that the time is right to make a move (think finances, physical health, family life).  He's not the kind of man to sign up to the London marathon without having done some kind of running mileage, or book that once in a lifetime holiday if the money is not available.  

He plans and ensures that whatever he does is viable.  He would rather wait and prepare for something, he's definitely not one for being impulsive.  This is where a Knight of Pentacles is great for a 5 year plan, he will put his efforts into making it happen, he will happily plod along to get where he wants to be.

As you, this card shows that you have your head screwed on the right way, you know that most things in life need time to happen, that it is usually the rash decisions that fail. Pointing out that taking some time to prepare and waiting for that optimum moment can be for the best.  However don't get tied up with the goal of just making money, it does not buy happiness, but to have a cause to fight for can be good.   

In a partnership, he would be great for those material aspirations, a nice house, some savings, probably even handy for some DIY, but don't expect fireworks and trumpets from being with him.  

But then again, when did fireworks and trumpets pay the bills?




  1. Hi Pisces I love your blog and it is very enlightening to read your perspective on this card. As I've said this is not the easiest deck. Working with it, I like it how the characters become real and alive and so you really get to know them

  2. Aw thanks Ellen. I love this deck. Yes, it is definitely a labor of love to study but hopefully will be worth it.