Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sir Bob Crowned King

King of Cups, Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

When people start reading tarot I find the majority of confusion regarding card meanings comes from the Court Cards, Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings.

The issue being, is this an actual person, is it the energy of the querent or the energy of a person in the querent's life? 

I think if the Court cards were removed people would learn tarot in half the time, however they are ever present and need to be learned and understood.

Older tarot teachings even attached the physical attributes of the person supposedly represented in the cards.  More modern thinking has used the energy the card represents (we are after all a lot more multi racial these days).

To really start tackling these 16 mind boggling cards I looked around at various methods and found the ones that felt like they could work for me.  There are simply hundreds of different methods, each as valid in their own right.  

The only way to stop yourself going into melt down is to find 2 or 3 methods to start with that feel comfortable and don't leave you sobbing in a heap over your deck (it does nothing for your self esteem or the longevity of the cardstock of your deck).

The system that has really started kicking the Courts butts into shape for me is to associate each one to a person you feel best suits the cards attributes.

My King of Cups, I associate with Sir Bob Geldof.  He is a man who is sensitive to others, he is compassionate and sensitive. He responds to the needs of others, and will fight their cause.  The King of Cups has a strength of emotion that he uses to rally people to fight for a cause that touches his heart.  He is an amazing father, who encourages his children to be attuned to their feelings and be true to themselves.  He allows them the freedom of personal expression, understanding that each one of them are individuals.

This King knows of heartbreak though and yet he puts the needs of others first and only speaks of his personal troubles in a controlled way that ensures he does not leave himself or those he loves vulnerable.  

Do not think for one moment this man is a complete saint, he does have a negative side, he can display a moody side to him, he can become over emotional about things close to his heart, where people are involved he can appear clingy and needy.  He can be impatient and intolerant to the point that he pushes people away.

But in the positive aspect I feel that is attributes point toward Sir Bob, when we look at the change he made in our understanding of third world famine, with BandAid in 1984. 
His personal and very public tragedies that has befallen his family and to rise to the call of the devastation caused to peoples lives with the ebola crisis by bringing BandAid 2014 together.  He fully deserved his Knighthood, but in my world of tarot, he wears a great big crown.

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