Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Secret Diary of Pisces Moon Aged ..........

Vibrational Energy Oracle by Debbie A. Anderson

Sundays are my day I do my weekly spread.  It just gives me a nice overall picture for my coming week.  I am so impressed by the Vibrational Energy Oracle, I chose to test run it for this reading, instead of a usual one card daily draw.

To say this deck is accurate is an understatement......... this deck has been reading my diary!

Current situation, Inspired Juggler.
I currently childmind my 2 year old grandson while his mum works. She has been doing so many extra hours recently I feel like I am rarely in my own home and when I am, I'm doing the usual chores (my daughter has a great little fairy that does her housework).   Add to the mix, 2 dogs, 1 puppy, 4 guinea pigs and 3 rabbits.

In between there are my tarot readings and all the networking that entails, my mother's health issues, my youngest daughter re-locating and I feel like anymore balls added to my juggling act will make me drop every single one.

Emotional challenge, The F Word.
Oh there are many I could use.  This is a word I need to scream, to release and my chosen word is............FATIGUE!!!!  I just want to wake up refreshed and not have to start planning my day before my feet hit the floor.  So the word I am throwing out into the universe to free myself from is, Fatigue.

Advice, Release.
Time to heal and rid myself of this feeling of overwhelming tiredness, to get some real rest and recover some energy.  This week is a week of slowing down the pace and the demands on me.

Scarily accurate, when this week, my daughter has a weeks holiday from work, my youngest daughter has now got all her personal items from home and the weather report looks good, so my guinea pigs can play in the garden and my dogs can have some outings to their favourite places and for once my mother has no medical appointments.

I really must buy a lock for my diary and hide it from this deck.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dealing With Personal Dementors

Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Bluman

At some point in our lives we will cross paths with people who seem to only want to bring as much upset and disruption into our lives.
Being a huge Harry Potter fan,  I refer to these negative people as my Dementors.   Soul sucking beings who thrive on the misery they try and cause.

It now seems  strangely appropriate that when doing my daily draw this morning using The Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner that I pulled the 2 of Cups Reversed.  My first impression was 'who am I going to argue with and upset today'.  I had no plans except to go to puppy training class with my daughter and her pup,  Elphie.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived and noticed my ex husband's daughter was there.  Now I won't give reasons why he is an ex, as he is not able to respond, however the fault lay with him, some dubious websites and explicit photos of himself (well some people use the Internet as a learning resource, and others to exhibit what really shouldn't be in the public domain).

However anyone hearing his story would have a very different version of events.  Recently his daughter has been making some rather preposterous allegations to people, about myself and my daughter, some of whom I know, and who also know the truth.  But this girl was on a personal mission to dis-credit me and my family to anyone who would listen to her. She ensured that what she said sounded believable to those who don't know me well enough to know different.

The puppy class became a rather bizarre situation, although the ex step-daughter being strangely quiet (unusual for her).  We were in situation where we purposely did not even acknowledge each other's presence.  

Maybe she felt intimidated as she was by herself, I really don't know.  Me? I felt nothing, no anger, no need to confront her, nothing.  This for a girl who had been part of my life for 15 years.

So in hindsight,  my card was really letting me know this,  today would be about a broken connection with someone.  Someone who I no longer have any invested emotion in.  It was showing me that whatever bond there had been, no longer exists and as for my feeling nothing (almost like seeing a stranger at a crowded place), well those cups are upside down, they hold nothing. 

So to the friends who have told me I should have confronted her about her lies, I don't see where putting that energy into anger/upset or whatever else they thought I should have felt was even worth it  I was happier instead putting my positive energy and encouragement into Elphie, at least she learned how to sit.

Friday, 29 May 2015

From Broken Windows, Robots Grow.

Vibrational Energy Oracle by Debbie A. Anderson. (App Version)

Having usually been an old fashioned girl at heart (in the technology field anyway), I have tended to stick with what I know and always used Microsoft Windows for everything.  Even my smart phone is a Windows phone.  However as, with all things, my trusty laptop has seen better days and being held together with duct tape it is becoming increasingly difficult to use, the battery doesn't work and it has to be used via the mains outlet so I am tied to where I can use it.

As I peruse the cyber world of tarot I have been made more aware of the popularity of tarot apps and their growing use, so with interest I looked into them and I like the concept.

I have so many tarot and oracle decks on my wish list that just seems to keep growing but refrain from buying, due to either uncertainty, cost and space.  This is where I feel the apps can bridge that gap.    They are inexpensive and take no space.  I can justify £3.99 to then say that the deck is beautiful but just doesn't work for me without having to find space on a shelf for something that will likely gather dust until I re-home it.

Well this is where my laptop and phone let me down.  Having Windows as an operating system is just no good for the ever growing plethora of apps, the choice is very limited and the quality, poor.

So I have branched out and got myself an Android tablet and 1 or 2 tarot and oracle apps (just for research sake, you understand).  Although it cost more than my what a tarot shopping spree would cost, it enables me to be 'doing' wherever I am.

One of the apps I downloaded was Vibrational Energy Cards by Debbie A. Anderson.  The cards are stunning.  I was very surprised that the one card draw I did for myself for today was 'Creative Explosion'.  I felt it was an accurate portrayal of what my day holds.  I am full of ideas and feel fully charged.

Today I am customising my tablet (now known as Andy, the robot), looking through the apps and getting a feel for the downloaded decks.  

I am even writing this blog post with it, as I sit out with my morning coffee while my dogs investigate the garden.   

Andy is going to open up so many possibilities and give me the chance to use decks I have been wanting to use for so long.  I feel like today is not going to be long enough to do everything that is in my head.  So Creative Explosion as my card for today couldn't have been more accurate.  I am up and raring to go!

I think my venture into the new world of Android is going to be a very rewarding experience and now I'm off to post a picture of my dogs on instagram.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Tripping Out On Tarot

I've recently been experimenting with my recreational drug of choice......tarot.

I willingly admit, I do like colourful decks, rich vibrant meaty decks, the exception being my Hidden Realm cards, but thats another story.

I rally like my Osho Zen deck but rarely share it, feeling it may be seen as too woo-woo for most client readings.  

I love it for readings about spiritual growth and for contemplation, but for the favourite 'I met this guy and.....' questions, it just didn't seem to work for me.

However having recently started experimenting I decided to start using it as an 'everyday' deck where possible.

A client recently wanted some insight into a matter of the heart and so I did the reading using my faithful Illumiati deck (love it or loathe it, it has so much to offer in readings). 

I suddenly had the desire to pull the corresponding cards from Osho Zen and overlay them with the Illuminati cards and all I can say is 'WOW'!

This added a whole new dimension to the reading, it gave insight on so much of this relationship it was unreal.

I do have to say though, at some points I felt like I was having some weird trippy hallucination.  So. Much. Colour.

It possibly didn't help that it was a 12 card spread (X2) making 24 very vivid cards staring me in the face, but it was so worth it.

Obviously the reading took longer than it should, but I can honestly say, it was so rewarding, the client was so happy, and quite surprised I had got so much detail form the reading.  I had apparently touched on issues that she felt were so deeply buried that she actually said ' felt like you had climbed into my head and had seen my life through my eyes.'

That to me was enough to make me decide that I am going to start using this method more often.  Not, I may add, for the run of the mill 'love' readings, but where there seems to be an repeating or ongoing situation in a querent's life that they want really deep answers for.  

When a querent is willing to open themselves up to the inner work that needs doing, then I am willing to double the cards up and put that time in.

After all, its very nice to want to find out if you will meet the man of your dreams soon, but if you seem to be his worst nightmare, then surely having the tools to change that in yourself is the most powerful part of tarot.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen.....A Toast.

5 of Waters.  Osho Zen Tarot.

I love working with the Osho Zen Tarot.  It is a deck that helps guide me along on my spiritual path like a Rough Guide Handbook, pointing out the good places and not so good and takes you off the beaten track to those little areas not everyone has discovered.

I drew the 5 of Water (equivalent to Cups in RWS) in response to a question my daughter asked.  The gist of which, was, why did everything in her life keep turning out crappy.

Its sad, she is a beautiful young woman, with a gorgeous little boy.  She works hard at her job and at being a mum.  She's warm, friendly,funny, honest and touchingly niave, but she seems to keep hitting brick walls. 

As a child she was quiet and well behaved, but due to having to wear glasses form under the age of one, was bullied and ridiculed throughout her early school years.  As she got further through school, she had to wear braces on her teeth, so as kids do, she was yet again singled out and ridiculed.

However, as I kept telling her, my little 'ugly duckling' became the swan (she has a killer smile and te most beautiful eyes) but the damage was done, her self image was distorted and her confidence shattered.  It has taken many years to just begin to re-build what her school years took away.

So the 5 of Water Clinging to the Past seemed appropriate even though my daughter tells me she doesn't cling to the past, she says 'It's there, but filed away.'  So I began to tell her exactly how I see it.

She carries it around, frozen, part of her past that she doesn't want to deal with fully, so it is in the 'freezer compartment' of her memories.  Neatly stored in little parcels, every insult, every 'joke', every jibe, easily within reach on that special little shelf made for the ice cube trays.

The glass, behind the figure on the card, is waiting to be filled with all the good things, the experiences and events in life that we long to drink in.  Every time the promise of filling that glass comes up, like an automatic response, out come the ice cubes.   

Ice cubes made of shit, (not recommended but hey, its a metaphor) containing all the hard, cutting, hurtful things we have experienced in life, once dropped into that glass of hope and promise they aren't going to make the experience nice, it becomes tainted. 

It makes no difference how expensive the champagne, how good the quality of it, once that ice cube gets dropped in and starts to mix in, your champagne isn't going to taste good.  In fact it's going to taste of the same old shit that was held in the ice.

Maybe we need to check our 'freezer compartments' and acknowledge that there is some crap in there,  better still deal with one cube at a time, defrost it, check for any diamonds of clarity and pearls of wisdom we may have put in there by mistake that can be of some value,  and then flush the rest away, even ice has a use by date. 

We need to stop thinking our glasses need the ice cube, if you stop using ice, there is more room for champagne. 

Dealing with it one by one is possible, we all deserve to be able to raise our glasses up and savor the crisp, fresh taste of the delicious champagne that is our life. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Warning! Detours Ahead.

As life seems to pull us away in directions we wouldn't choose to go, so it has been recently.  My commitments to family have meant investing time away from my own path and into helping others along theirs.

Thankfully though, I now have time to catch my breath and place some focus back into my life.

I do not begrudge one moment of stepping out of my journey and assisting where I am needed, I know that any time taken is accepted with gratitude. 

So after a period of absence I am happy to continue to where I am going.  Although I have no destination in mind, I am just enjoying the journey and sometime, like all long trips, a little stop off can be nice.

The card I pulled for today's blog inspiration was the Ace of Pentacles from Fairy Lights Tarot and elicits thoughts of boundless potential and unlimited resources, if you are prepared to do the work.

However, looking at the card again, I feel it fits so well with the past few weeks, having had to come away from my place of inner tranquility.  I have been walking along  a haphazard path, helping someone else realise their potential.  And now it leads me over the brink of the cliffs and down a path unseen while the promise of opportunity still shines over me.

So maybe that short detour wasn't in my plans, but it's been added to my map, almost as if I needed to have the company, the change of landscape and most of all, the challenge.  So maybe thats where my opportunity lies.