Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Secret Diary of Pisces Moon Aged ..........

Vibrational Energy Oracle by Debbie A. Anderson

Sundays are my day I do my weekly spread.  It just gives me a nice overall picture for my coming week.  I am so impressed by the Vibrational Energy Oracle, I chose to test run it for this reading, instead of a usual one card daily draw.

To say this deck is accurate is an understatement......... this deck has been reading my diary!

Current situation, Inspired Juggler.
I currently childmind my 2 year old grandson while his mum works. She has been doing so many extra hours recently I feel like I am rarely in my own home and when I am, I'm doing the usual chores (my daughter has a great little fairy that does her housework).   Add to the mix, 2 dogs, 1 puppy, 4 guinea pigs and 3 rabbits.

In between there are my tarot readings and all the networking that entails, my mother's health issues, my youngest daughter re-locating and I feel like anymore balls added to my juggling act will make me drop every single one.

Emotional challenge, The F Word.
Oh there are many I could use.  This is a word I need to scream, to release and my chosen word is............FATIGUE!!!!  I just want to wake up refreshed and not have to start planning my day before my feet hit the floor.  So the word I am throwing out into the universe to free myself from is, Fatigue.

Advice, Release.
Time to heal and rid myself of this feeling of overwhelming tiredness, to get some real rest and recover some energy.  This week is a week of slowing down the pace and the demands on me.

Scarily accurate, when this week, my daughter has a weeks holiday from work, my youngest daughter has now got all her personal items from home and the weather report looks good, so my guinea pigs can play in the garden and my dogs can have some outings to their favourite places and for once my mother has no medical appointments.

I really must buy a lock for my diary and hide it from this deck.

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  1. "Reading my diary" LOL
    Sometimes the tarot can be almost scary accurate in telling us where we are coming from and what we have to do next. I call those my goosebumps readings :)
    I wish you a wonderful and relaxing week Debbie! Enjoy the sunshine