Friday, 29 May 2015

From Broken Windows, Robots Grow.

Vibrational Energy Oracle by Debbie A. Anderson. (App Version)

Having usually been an old fashioned girl at heart (in the technology field anyway), I have tended to stick with what I know and always used Microsoft Windows for everything.  Even my smart phone is a Windows phone.  However as, with all things, my trusty laptop has seen better days and being held together with duct tape it is becoming increasingly difficult to use, the battery doesn't work and it has to be used via the mains outlet so I am tied to where I can use it.

As I peruse the cyber world of tarot I have been made more aware of the popularity of tarot apps and their growing use, so with interest I looked into them and I like the concept.

I have so many tarot and oracle decks on my wish list that just seems to keep growing but refrain from buying, due to either uncertainty, cost and space.  This is where I feel the apps can bridge that gap.    They are inexpensive and take no space.  I can justify £3.99 to then say that the deck is beautiful but just doesn't work for me without having to find space on a shelf for something that will likely gather dust until I re-home it.

Well this is where my laptop and phone let me down.  Having Windows as an operating system is just no good for the ever growing plethora of apps, the choice is very limited and the quality, poor.

So I have branched out and got myself an Android tablet and 1 or 2 tarot and oracle apps (just for research sake, you understand).  Although it cost more than my what a tarot shopping spree would cost, it enables me to be 'doing' wherever I am.

One of the apps I downloaded was Vibrational Energy Cards by Debbie A. Anderson.  The cards are stunning.  I was very surprised that the one card draw I did for myself for today was 'Creative Explosion'.  I felt it was an accurate portrayal of what my day holds.  I am full of ideas and feel fully charged.

Today I am customising my tablet (now known as Andy, the robot), looking through the apps and getting a feel for the downloaded decks.  

I am even writing this blog post with it, as I sit out with my morning coffee while my dogs investigate the garden.   

Andy is going to open up so many possibilities and give me the chance to use decks I have been wanting to use for so long.  I feel like today is not going to be long enough to do everything that is in my head.  So Creative Explosion as my card for today couldn't have been more accurate.  I am up and raring to go!

I think my venture into the new world of Android is going to be a very rewarding experience and now I'm off to post a picture of my dogs on instagram.

Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. Hi, Congrats with the arrival of Andy. I like the tarot apps a lot too. I even buy the ones I already own as a physical deck for study and reference. Sometimes I also use the app pictures of theses decks for my blog
    I wish you many happy hours with Andy! :)

    1. Thanks Ellen, I'm intrigued with the Chrysalis Tarot at the moment. I have a feeling a physical copy of this may find its way onto my desk very soon.

  2. Funny how our phones are getting bigger and our computers are getting smaller. I had my 2 year old phone in for service last week and it cracked up the service person. I not only have no apps but at least 1/2 of those that came installed have quit showing themselves on the face. I'm going for the clean and mean look I guess :)

  3. Ha, you are so right. I remember small phones being the must have item as they were designed to be easier to carry. I had a flip phone that was so small I could never find it in my handbag, now it's the size of a small brick.I find it quite ironic.