Friday, 12 December 2014

A Backward Step and A Happier Place

Tarot of the Hidden Realm

I'm not one for gender specifics and don't always assume that a male energy card in tarot necessarily represents a man, why?

The Emperor is a representation of father figure.  The strong archetypal male role model, the authority figure who gives us rules, boundaries and guidance.  

I was a single parent for many years, even through my marriage.  I was my children's' mum and dad, I was the Empress and Emperor.  I was the nurturing, caring, provider and the rule maker and enforcer.

The Emperor is a man who has wisdom and experience.  He knows that he needs to exert his power and make the rules to ensure that his people exist in harmony.  He also has the knowledge to know that as restrictive as rules can seem, they are needed to maintain order.  

He is not a dictator though, he knows when to use compassion and to see when he may need to adjust and modify the rules he has made, however this is never done lightly, for the Emperor knows he must always do what is best for the majority of his people.

He cares for his people and has the respect from them that his position requires, this respect though has been earned by the way he has ruled, for he does not make his decisions for his own benefit, he may have to fore go his own desires and needs as the higher good is what is sought, this in itself makes him a humble and honourable man

So today I slipped back into the Emperor role.  Not as an authoritarian figure, but as one who had to use logic and have the courage of my convictions, to know that the decision to be made needed a sound structure with limits and recognising the consequences this decision would have.

I have really juggled with this decision and at times I have felt quite anxious to-ing and fro-ing.  I do believe that the decision made will have the best outcome for everyone involved.  And it puts me back to the Empress, which is where I feel happiest.   

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