Tuesday, 9 June 2015

From Buckets to Bengalore, to Breakthroughs

XI Breakthrough.  Osho Zen Tarot.
 Being 'of a certain age', I have, over the course of the past six months, been writing my bucket list.  The idea being, once I hit my next birthday, I will start crossing things off, said list.  Some items on the list are relatively small things, such as going camping with my grandson.  Others are far more adventurous.

I've always had wanderlust, my mother calls it 'itchy feet syndrome', and doesn't understand why I want to investigate this wonderful planet we inhabit.  A bit rich coming from the woman who dragged two children under the age of four across to the other side of the world, and back again.  I feel being so transient in my younger years has left it's mark.

My parents emigrated to Australia in 1966 by sea, a journey of almost 7 weeks, and we travelled back to the U.K in 1971 in the same manner.  I can say I've been to some amazing places although cannot recall most of them now.  I do know I have been through the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal, I have sailed over the equator twice and have trinkets and souvenirs from places, that in my childhood, many people could only fantasise about.

When we arrived back to the U.K, we were effectively homeless, but my parents worked miracles going from lodging with relatives to buying a small 2 bedroomed flat, to a 3 bedroomed house within 2 years.

That never satisfied my mother though, she wanted bigger, better, more space, a bigger garden, a nicer area.  And so I was moved about more than most.

This has always been a part of my life.  I've never been one to want bigger and better though,  I just like investigating different places.  I've lived in rural areas, I've lived city centre.  I have done conventional and controversial but I always enjoy the adventure.

So there on my bucket list is the desire to live at an Ashram in India, it's a big wish as I fear flying, but there is such a strong pull for me to do it.  It is something of the long term goal as obviously I would need money for flights and back up, but I have my heart set on it and am planning ways in which to achieve it.  I cannot shake the feeling that this is something that I will regret not doing.

I have done  community living before, where everyone worked for one goal, that however was for the material benefit of a singular person.  It was hard work with no nurturing of the spirit, only relentless physical work.  This time I want to assist with something worthwhile, for the benefit of all beings, the benefit of this amazing planet and for the benefit of spiritual nourishment.

I asked the Osho Zen for a card to show how following this idea could help me grow and it gave me XI Breakthrough.  In brief, I feel this experience will break down any barriers I have about my spiritual growth, stripping me down to my very essence, giving me the chance to begin a whole new way of living my life spiritually for the better.

I think I've been given a big thumbs up from the universe, now all I need to do is start saving hard and getting my priorities set.  Time to address the unnecessary spending and relinquish the so called necessities, that in the cold light of day are little more than snacks for the ego.


  1. It seems you have had quite an adventurous life. Although I have moved house a lot during my life, I never lived outside The Netherlands. For me the older I become the more I am satisfied whit where I am right now. No bucket list for me (yet)
    I think the idea of living in a ashram is indeed a big wish but when you are willing to take the necessary steps, I am sure you will be there one day. it is just needs time to manifest. :)

    1. Hi Ellen,
      I love the Netherlands, I toured around it in 1989 for about 4 months with a company I worked for. The people I met were so easy going and friendly, it certainly made an impression on me.
      I think I've always been a bit of a wanderer, but I always find my way back home, so there must be something about here that draws me back, and always will.

  2. There is always the option of going there closer...There are a number of Ashrams near you, Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales would be on my bucket list if I had one.

  3. Wales is indeed beautiful and may be the short term option. But, oh, to experience India! My brother went to work there for 6 months and says everyone should experience it. It is definitely a longer term goal of mine.